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ACCU-SCOPE's new 3078 Zoom Stereo Microscope Series incorporates a newly designed optical system which provides sharp, high resolution, 3-dimensional views of image samples.  The 3078 Series' ergonomic, modular design makes it ideal for university, industrial and OEM applications.


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Viewing Head, Binocular viewing head, inclined 45°; Trinocular viewing head 50/50 split. Interpupillarydistance adjustment 54-75mm.
Eyepieces,WF10x focusable eyepieces, 20mm field of view with eyeguards.
Objectives, Zoom magnification objective 0.8x – 3.5x.
Stage,Diffused stage plate in the base provides even illumination (on LED version). Black and white contrast is also included on the LED stand. Other stands have different options -- a detailed list can be found on the Download section - Configurations.
Stands, Available with an incident/transmitted LED light base, or plain dovetail, pole, boom, ball bearing boom, or flex arm stand. A detailed list can be found on the Download section -- Configurations.
Illumination, Each stand has specific illumination characteristics. The LED stand is provided with incident and transmitted illumination. A detailed listing can be found on the Download Section - Configurations
Focusing System, Dual focusing knobs with adjustable tension control on the LED, Plain Focusing and Pole Stands.
Accessories, Dust cover, eyeguards and instruction manual.

Accu-Scope 3078 Stereo Microscope

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