Meiji Techno MT6200CL

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Meiji Techno's new MT6200CL Series binocular laboratory grade upright microscopes are the new Biological with LED Epi-Fluorescence. The MT6200CL Series employs Meiji Techno's all new ICOS™ (Infinity Corrected Optical System) making the study of mounted specimens fast and easy while delivering an excellent cost-to- performance ratio. The MT6200CL Series microscopes are configured for Brightfield and Epi-flourescence but can also be outfitted with optional Phase contrast, Polarized light and Darkfield components. System modularity makes purchase and operation very affordable for colleges, universities, researchers and clinics.


The MT6200CL is equipped with PE-300L/LEDMT which is a LED fluorescence illumination kit, configured for fluorophores such as DAPI, FITC, TRITC & Cy5, instant on/off with the ability to optimize intensity & minimize sample damage via the simple desktop Control Pod with a manual control pod and power supply. (Included in MT6200CL & MT6200ECL & MT6300CL & MT6300ECL models)

100% MADE IN JAPAN Meiji MT6200CL with LED Fluorescence