OMNI 1080p Digital inspection station with 5D lens system

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*Magnification range 2.5x - 237x

*Camera resolution - 1080p, 1980 x 1080, 60fps

*DVI and HDMI output, four USB 2.0 ports,

*RJ45 Ethernet connector for networking, three general purpose I/O port, DC 24v power jack

*Internal image storage, removable USB image storage, USB on the go (PC Connectivity)

*Integrated LED ring light with intensity control

*Wireless keyboard and wireless mouse included


>Stand not included in pricing.  Lighted Track Stand $1599, Dual Arm Ball Bearing Boom Stand $899.  Stages, Auxiliary Objectives, Lighting, Workflow Controller, etc. optional.


Apps for this system allow the user the ability to configure to their specific needs.


Measurement and Graticule $1995

Image Stacking $749

Comparitor Overlay $749

Comparitor Side by Side $749

DXF Import $1399

Automatic Measurement $3999 (Requires Measurement and Graticule App)

OMNI-Core Digital Inspection System