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SKYE Microscope Camera with WIFI Connection

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* Transmits its own 2.4GHz signal to wirelessly transfer images to your WiFi-connected computer or mobile device. WiFi is switchable with a USB 2.0 connection.
* View the live image at an amazing 40 frames per second (at 1280x960 resolution).
* Simultaneously view live images on up to 10 computers, tablets, or cell phones.
* Easily upgrade to any microscope. Attach the AU-500-WIFI to any camera port or eyepiece tube with a c-mount adapter.
* Simultaneously view live images on multiple devices!
* Capture snapshots or videos with click of a button.
* Great for everyday specimen observation, instruction and collaboration.


Requires adapter to mount to microscope.

Example, MS-CP29031001 , Adapts camera to microscope eyepiece.

SKYE Wifi Digital Color Camera

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