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Inspex 3 1080p Digital unacompanied microscope station with 5D lens system

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*Huge Magnification range 2.5x - 237x

*Camera resolution - 1080p, 1980 x 1080, 60fps

*DVI and HDMI output, four USB 2.0 ports,

*Integrated LED ring light with intensity control


*Looking for a MicroEye system, consider this as an upgraded alternative. 

Unitron Ash Inspex 3 Digital Museum Microscope System

  • ***Museum ease of use rated with our zoom in/out table top pedals.  Auto focus makes this a perfect unsupervised museum digital microscope system.  This microscope is mouse controlled but the mouse is typically hidden when being used for public viewing.  All wiring is hidden, the only microscope button is power and it requires a long push.  During our tests this system performed flawlessly with various aged museum patrons.  Auto focus takes only 1 second after zooming in or out.  The table top pedals makes this system easy to use for wheelchair bound patrons, it can even be given to the patron to press in their lap. 


    This system is capable of so much more than just imaging.  If you like, your museum staff has the ability to demonstrate live on screen measuring, take photos and videos and use the mouse to point and describe items.  


    Take your museum or science tours to the next level with a truly reliable, industrial quality digital microscope system. 


    If viewing very reflective surfaces or samples enclosed in a clear plastic box a polarizer is highly recommended to remove the reflections. *Not included

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