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Microscope Solutions has nearly 50 years combined microscopy experience. Working with customers from a single microscope to over three hundred. Microscope Solutions has become the "go to" for microscope service, sales and accessories.


We constantly receive positive feedback from our customers.  Below is a short list of a few comments randomly received.


"The turret on the Nikon Labophot spins easily like it hasn't in years.  The field diaphragm can actually be moved with my hands, I am very pleased.  The BX-40 that you repaired is working well with it's new focusing mechanism.  I appreciate your work."  James O., Hospital Administrator, 6 Laboratory Microscopes sent from Lubbock, TX.



"By the way, Mack did a phenomenal job today - truly amazing at how detailed he went through and cleaned/adjusted everything.  He was very patient and a super nice guy.  The scopes we had were really dirty but now all of them look brand new and everytime someone used one today I heard, "Wow, this thing is incredibly clean and works so smooth."  I'll tell the other labs around here about what a good experience we had with Microscope Solutions."  Rob K., Duke University, 3 Nikon TE2000 Inverted Research Microscopes.


 "I have heard nothing but positive feedback on your service.  Feel free to use me as a direct reference to new customers."  N. Crowe, Hospital Contract Administrator over 13 Hospital Systems and 132 Laboratory Microscopes.


"Microscope Solutions has provided service to a number of hospitals and did an Outstanding Job!  These scopes have not been cleaned or serviced that well in many years!"  Derrick B.,  Hospital Contract Administrator over 32 Hospitals and Health Centers, and 80 Laboratory Microscopes.


"Everyone I have talked with is happy with your maintenance, we will add another area on your next visit"  Richard D., Industrial Manufacturing Engineering Team Leader, approximately 182 Industrial and Stereo Microscopes.


"We are very Pleased with the Microscope Service."  Angella C., Director of Operations


"Thank you for your excellent service, we would be more than happy to recommend your company to others." David N., Science Instructional Specialist, approximately 300 Middle and High School Microscopes.


"We are enjoying using our freshly cleaned  and aligned microscope!"  Ruth W., NCSU Laboratory Research Specialist.