Some service companies only clean the microscope.  This is not Preventive Maintenance!

At Microscope Solutions we do much more than wipe down lenses!

We perform a complete Preventive Maintenance service that consists of:

*  Cleaning of Optics.

*  Lubrication of Mechanical Systems.

*  Mechanical Operation Adjustments.

*  Optical and Illumination Alignment.

*  Confirmation of a Crisp Clear, Factory Aligned Image.

Pricing ranges from $145 for small clinical microscopes to $425 for larger research microscopes.  We do give multiple microscope discounts.

Small School microscopes are $23 per unit and include minor repairs and cleaning with lubrication where needed.

Most customers choose PM services on a reoccurring schedule. Call to learn about this convenient option 919-321-4384. 

          Download Reoccurring Service Form

*  Annual, Semi Annual or Quarterly Schedules Available

*  Service Is Automatic Based On Your Preference

*  Convenience at the Same Competitive Price

*  Reoccurring Schedule Can Be Cancelled At Any Time

*  One Less Phone Call, One Less Email, One Less Interruption In Your Day

Our company and all of our representatives are approved through VendorMate for Hospital and Medical Center Access.  Technicians are up to date on all required vaccines and tests.