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Luxeo 6Z, A Modular Design to Streamline Workflow



The Luxeo 6Z is the first in a new series of stereo microscopes designed to bring greater flexibility and performance to work stations. With total integration of gooseneck and axial illumination, versatility in transmitted illumination features, and highly ergonomic stand options to choose from, the Luxeo 6Z will delight in every environment.


Luxeo 6Z Specifications

Optical System                  Greenough

Magnification                    Zoom 6:1

Eyepieces                            WF 10x/22mm with foldable eye guards, ±5 mm diopter adjustment

Optional: 16X and 20X eyepieces

IPD                                         54-75 mm

Viewing Angle                   Binocular, 45° and Trinocular, 45°

Working Distance             110 mm

Magnification Range       8x to 50x

Object Field Diameter    4.4 to 27.5 mm

Illumination Control        Incident Light - LED Ring Light with Arc and Circular illumination options with intensity control:

- Front Angle Arc illumination with cluster of 11 LEDs

- Rear Angle Arc illumination with cluster of 12 LEDs

- Circular Illumination with cluster of 23 LEDs

- Goose neck for extra illumination

Transmitted Light             Two options - detachable BF/DF (Bright field/Dark field) base;

Pre-configured mirror base for transparent objects

Auxiliary Objectives        0.5x, 1.5x, 2.0x

Reticules                              For measurement and counting

Camera Adapters             CCD adapters 0.35x, 0.50x, 0.65x; DSLR adapters for Canon, Sony and Nikon; Digital camera adapters

Labomed Luxeo 6Z Stereo Binocular Microscope

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