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Educational High Performance Student Proof Microscope

*Monocular viewing head, inclined 45°, rotatable 360°
*WF10x/18mm eyepiece with pointer
*Reversed three-hole nosepiece
*DIN 4x, 10x and 40xR objectives
*Flat top stage with stage clips, disc diaphragm
*Separate coarse and fine focusing controls
*Variable LED illuminator rated for 20,000 hours, 3500mAh NI rechargeable battery

*Disc Diaphragm


Optional Mechanical Stage and Dual Viewing Teaching Head


Easily add a camera to any microscope.

MS-DC11111, Camera does not require computer.


MS-DC11241, Camera with computer software.

MS-CP29041301, (Required) Adapts Camera to Microscope.


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