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MS-7000 Series Macro Zoom System.  Our favorite digital microscope system.  Long working distance, extremely high resolution and super fast refresh.  Color correct imaging. 


*60fps HD Camera, 1920x1080

*Live Fine Detailed Image with Photo and Video Capture to SD card or Computer

*Mouse Controlled Camera with Live HDMI Output, Computer Use Optional

*Non Lighted Plain Stand, Contact us if you would like lower lighting. 

*40 LED Ring Light with Adjustable Polarizer to Cancel Reflections

*Includes a 12" HD Monitor that is attached to the camera


These lenses are measured in FOV (Field of View) not magnification.  FOV matrix is below for this lens.

Working Distance 127-305mm, Horizontal FOV 4.3-71.3mm, Verticle FOV 3.2-53.5mm 

MS-7000 Digital Video Microscope

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