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MS-7000 Series Macro Zoom System.  Our favorite museum microscope system.  Long working distance, extremely high resolution and super fast refresh.  Color correct imaging. 


*60fps HD Camera, 1920x1080

*Live Fine Detailed Image with Photo and Video Capture to SD card or Computer

*Mouse Controlled Camera with Live HDMI Output, Computer Use Optional (Hide Mouse When Unsupervised)

*Non Lighted Plain Stand, Contact us if you would like lower lighting. 

*40 LED Ring Light with Adjustable Polarizer to Cancel Reflections


These lenses are measured in FOV (Field of View) not magnification.  FOV matrix is below for this lens.

Working Distance 127-305mm, Horizontal FOV 4.3-71.3mm, Verticle FOV 3.2-53.5mm


*Looking for a MicroEye system, consider this as an upgraded alternative. 

MS-7000 Digital Video Museum Microscope

  • **This is our favorite museum microscope system because it's a modular setup.  The camera, lens, stand and ring light are all seperate units and so can be replaced seperately if needed.  Everything is built for industrial use so is extremly resistant to any type of damage.  Cords are concealed with the camera cap, but it's removable to access the SD card for photo retreival.  Zoom and focus are on the lens making this an extremely intuitive system to use by unsupurvised patrons. Polarized lighting is added to cancel out reflections. Wireless mouse is typically hidden during use. 

    Upgrade your museum to the #1 unsupervised microscope available.  Full FIVE YEAR WARRANTY! 

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