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MS.DC133 Camera, Modified for use with MicroEye Discovery Microscope System.  



*1920x1080 60fps,

*USB Wireless Mouse with extension cable.

*1/3 inch sensor.


*Take photos and videos

*Includes extension USB cable to add your own Wifi Thumbdrive.

*Access your photos with your Android or Apple phone or tablet. 

*Replaces original Mintron Model: MHD-13MG5SH-D Camera in MicroEye Discovery Systems


(Will also fit standard microscopes, notify us when ordering.)

MS.DC133 MicroEye Discovery Replacement Camera (Mintron)

  • The camera has been modified to fit in the original frame utilizing the original wiring.  Send the upper assembly of your MicroEye to us for repair, there were different versions of the MicroEye so we are unable to offer a one size fits all repair option.   Since this is a more modern camera you now have the ability to take photos and videos and access these wirelessly utilizing an app with your Apple or Android device.  You can add a WiFi Thumbdrive to access your photos. 

    The image looks amazing with a super fast 60 frames per second and 1920x1080 resolution. 

    These are excellent microscope systems, replace your camera and keep them alive. 

    MicroEye, MicroImaging LTD, New Zealand is no longer in business.  

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