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MS-6000 Series Macro/Micro Zoom System. This unit is capable of much more magnification than the MS-7000 system, with an available 0.35-9x and a full 0.67-17.16 field of view.


*Comes Standard with Zoom 6000 lens

*Optional Mag Multiplier Lenses

*30fps or 60fps HD Camera with Retina 11.6" Display

*Live Fine Detail Image with Photo and Video Capture

*Mouse Controlled Camera with Optional Computer Software Included

*Plain or LED Lighted Stand

*40 LED or 80 LED Ring Light with Optional Polarizer

*2x2 Measuring Stage

*Digital Calibrated Micrometers

*Rotating Stage Mount

*LED Side Spot Lighting.


Looking for a Mahr 4246 or Mitutoyo 176 with typical 2x2" measuring?  This system is much less expensive, has more options and comes with a digital monitor capable of taking photos and videos.

MS-6000 Series Digital Video Measuring System, Macro/Micro Zoom with Detents

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