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Nikon Labophot 2, Optiphot 2, Diaphot 200, TE200/300, Optiphot 300 Fine Focus Gear

Nikon Labophot 2, Optiphot 2, TE200/300 Fine Focus

  • MS1025, Direct Metal Replacement Gear for the now unavailable Nikon Labophot 2, Optiphot 2, TE200/TE300, Optiphot 300 Fine Focus Shaft. Aproximately 5/8" (16mm) long, 5/16" (8mm) diameter. According to Nikon Parts Department, Labophot 2, Optiphot 2, TE200/TE300, Optiphot 300 fine focus shafts are no longer available. Originally the gears on the fine focus shaft were made of white plastic molded onto a metal shaft and were known to split and are the main repair issue with these otherwise great microscopes. We now carry a metal version of this vulnerable gear for installation on your shaft. This is an exact replacement part for the Labophot 2, Optiphot 2, TE200/TE300 and other focus systems of that series. Comes with one gear, set screw and allen wrench. Remember, this gear will not fit the original Labophot-1 and Optiphot-1. 

    No returns accepted on this item. We have no way to guarantee correct installation by end users. Proper lubrication of movements is a must.

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