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Nikon Labophot Replacement Fine Focus Shaft

Nikon Labophot Type Replacement Fine Focus Shaft

  • MS1019, Direct Metal Replacement for the now unavailable Nikon Labophot, Optiphot, Metaphot, Diaphot, Fluophot, Epiphot, and MM11 Fine Focus Shaft. New design on Focus Shaft allows for multiple lengths in one shaft. There are flats milled into the shaft for the focus knob set screws that are not shown in the photo. According to Nikon Parts Department, these fine focus shafts are no longer available. Originally the gears on the fine focus shaft were made of black plastic molded onto a metal shaft and were so thin that they were known to split and are the main repair issue with these otherwise great microscopes. The below lengths are approximate. Labophot, Optiphot: First Notch 6.6875" (6 11/16", 169.86mm) Metaphot, Fluophot, MM11: Second Notch 7.25" (7 1/4", 184.15mm) Epiphot, Diaphot: Full Length 8.875" (8 7/8", 225.43mm) No returns accepted on this item. We have no way to guarantee correct installation by end users. Proper lubrication of movements is a must.

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