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Nikon Replacement Stage Pin


Part Number MS1106


Replace the overly complicated and fragile original Nikon Stage Pin with an all metal design that will last.  The original had a spring loaded plastic pin that was known to deform or completely break.  The body of the original was also very thin and easy to break the whole screw mount off. 


Never worry about it again and replace it with a solid metal pin.  This is what Nikon should have designed in the first place.  Fits Nikon E400, E600, CiL and Ni.  May fit other microscopes.  Confirm that your stage pin threads look like the one in the photo.  There were a very few stage pins with coarse threads that this will not fit. This is designed to replace the following part numbers.


1.  2K380-348, Stage Clamp Screw

2.  2B370-077, Stage Clamp Spring

3.  2K008-081, Spring Retaining Screw

4.  2K220-191, Coil Spring

5.  Si-01500FF, Snap Ring

6.  MCB91110-A007, Stage Clamp Screw (Complete Part for Nikon CiL)

Nikon Replacement Stage Pin, All Metal, MS1106

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